Breaking Into The Industry: Become An Instructional Designer And Master The LXD Fundamentals

by eLearning Industry

Are you ready to embark on your Instructional Designer career path and explore the LXD essentials? If so, this eBook has all the insider info you need to choose the right niche, develop crucial skills, and stay on top of trends. You'll learn about the roles that ID pros fill and instructional design models that are ideal for beginners. There's even a bonus chapter to help you land your first job and break into the instructional design industry ASAP.

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Key Chapters

  1. 7 Amazing Reasons To Become An Instructional Designer

    Why should you become an ID pro? Here are 7 unexpected perks you may want to consider.

  2. What Is An Instructional Designer And Which Roles Do They Fill?

    What does an Instructional Designer do every day? Let's look at some of the top ID roles and responsibilities.

  3. How Do You Find Your Instructional Design Niche?

    Which niche suits your skills and personal interests? Here are some insider tips to choose the right specialization.

  4. 5 Questions To Find The Best Authoring Tools For Instructional Designers

    Answer these questions to choose the right authoring software for your instructional design projects.

  5. 10 Crucial ID Skills To Cultivate Or Reinforce

    Successful Instructional Designers need specific talents and competencies to create top notch eLearning experiences. Here are 10 that every ID pro should hone.

  6. 12 Terms Every Instructional Design Pro Should Know

    It's time to expand your glossary and master these popular instructional design terms.

  7. 6 Top Instructional Design Models To Get You Started

    There are plenty of instructional design models to choose from, but these 6 are ideal for ID newcomers.

  8. 6 Free Resources To Stay On Top Of ID Trends

    This chapter features some amazing free resources to help you stay one step ahead of the instructional design trends.

  9. LXD 101: Instructional Design Best Practices For Beginners

    How do you design engaging and memorable eLearning experiences. Let's explore some of the LXD fundamentals.

  10. Bonus: How To Land Your First Instructional Design Job

    Discover insider secrets to get your first job, from polishing your resume to using ID career boards.

Successful ID professionals are able to immerse learners in the subject matter and leave a lasting impression on their mental schema. But what does it take to become a successful Instructional Designer who makes a difference in the L&D world? This guide has all the information you need to embark on an ID career path. I’ll explore the roles that every designer must be prepared to fill, as well as tips to find the right niche and choose the ideal tools for your ID arsenal.

The Instructional Designer career is rewarding and in high-demand. Organizations always need ID pros to bridge L&D gaps and create engaging eLearning experiences. This eBook covers all the basics and more, from top instructional design models to terms everyone should know.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry Inc.