Hands-On Experience: Launch A Successful VR Training Strategy To Foster Practical Application From Afar

by eLearning Industry

Are VR eLearning content providers the right choice for your company? Just like any other L&D initiative, VR training outsourcing must make financial sense. This eBook can help you determine if this is the best approach for your organization. Let’s explore how you can implement successful VR training strategies for experiential learning!

Key Chapters

  1. Reasons To Outsource VR Training Versus Developing In-House

  2. Resources To Find the Right VR Training Solutions Provider For Your Industry

  3. Tips To Choose The Best Virtual Reality Training Software For Your Budget

  4. Crucial Virtual Reality Training Activities To Add To Your Outsourcing Contract

Experienced virtual reality training providers are familiar with the design process. They also know which common mistakes to avoid and how to mitigate development risks.

This eBook highlights essential resources to take the stress out of your VR training solution search, as well as activities you should add to your outsourcing wishlist.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.