Smart Thinking: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform The Way We Learn

by Learning Pool

Imagine a world of work where you get the information you need right when you need it. Imagine support that allows you not to just get on with the job, but to do it even better. Imagine learning while you’re working, not stuck in the classroom. The distant future? A pipe dream? Not at all. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced performance support that world is here, right now.

Key Chapters

  1. A new idea of Performance Support

    Smart, AI-based technology has the potential to transform the way we work and learn today, being online, social and connected, accessing knowledge that we know not what to do with. It all creates challenges to which social is the solution, embracing the modern workplace.

  2. An old idea revitalised

    Training is and will remain important, but more importantly we have to make it effective. Here, five key moments of need are presented, where Performance Support plays a critical role. Read about the revolution taking place in corporate learning, establishing an important role for sources of knowledge outside the workplace.

  3. Putting AI in the mix

    AI is all around us. In eLearning, we are not only talking to the chatbots, but training with them as well. Here you can see how this is cost-effective, makes training more relevant and ready you and your organization for the rebirth of PS. Here are presented five key factors that indicate the maturity of your Performance Support, and the concept of PS being the new training as a goal.

  4. The new learning paradigm

    It’s about the people, meaning that instead of side-lining the learning designer, this new paradigm places them at the heart of Performance Support. Intelligent searching, quick access to learning content, and placing learning directly in the workflow are some of the issues this chapter is concerned with, supporting that learning on the job is better than learning before the job.

  5. Its time has come

    Performance support can provide the benefits its supporters have always claimed: increased productivity and effectiveness, cost savings, and better performance.

The power of AI lies in the way it understands and processes language. Natural Language Processing, as it’s known, means computers can interpret what we write and speak. You can pose questions to our search engines and receive intelligent and relevant answers, rather than a string of possible responses.

AI is the new UI. Otto, as Learning Pool's AI-driven interface, frees up all that stuff locked up in the LMS. What we need is not a Learning Management System but an LES – Learner Engagement System.

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Donald Clark
eLearning expert