Working From Home - How To Maximise The Remote Training And Development Of Your Colleagues

by eWyse

The challenge of making remote training effective for both learner and organisation is more than just the creation of engaging courses. This eBook dives into these key issues and provides solutions that will help you plan the perfect approach.

Key Chapters

  1. Why Read this eBook?

    A short intro into what you can expect and how it can help your company thrive.

  2. Working From Home - The New Normal

    Four of the main reasons why the office is becoming less of a magnet to modern employees.

  3. The Benefits of Remote Workforce Training & Development

    Some of the main reasons why your focus should be on this area to boost profits and productivity.

  4. The Main Challenges of Remote Workforce Development – And How to Overcome Them

    From employee reluctance to lack of accountability, we share tips to overcome 6 remote workforce development obstacles.

  5. Remote Working in the Future

    In this chapter we concentrate on key areas that are shaping the future of remote working.

When considering how to best implement remote training solutions, there's always more to consider than just the course content itself. This eBook is a great starting place for a more holistic view of what you need to consider.

As the world tries to acclimate to the New Normal, remote work teams must find innovative ways to support colleagues and cultivate talents. This eBook highlights the importance of ongoing training and development, as well as cost effective solutions to overcome remote L&D challenges.

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Christopher Pappas
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