How To Ace Virtual Employee Onboarding Programs For Your Remote Workforce

by Obsidian Learning

In today’s world, it’s imperative for organizations to offer remote onboarding programs that will fully integrate new hires. This eBook provides insights, tips, and practical advice about virtual onboarding of new and returning (reboarding) employees.

Key Chapters

  1. 5 Onboarding Training Challenges And 5 Opportunities Today’s Remote Workforce Faces

    Whether your organization is transitioning to a virtual onboarding program from a face-to-face one or developing a virtual experience from scratch, virtual onboarding programs can be associated with both challenges and opportunities.

  2. 3 Benefits A Blended Virtual Onboarding Plan Brings To Your In-House And Remote Workers

    As learning, development, and human resource professionals, the field is ours. And the remedy is relatively simple: developing a blended virtual onboarding plan or program is key.

  3. Make Onboarding Remote Employees A Success With These Blended Learning Strategies

    A successful onboarding program reduces time from hire to contributing real value, reduces turnover, and improves employee satisfaction. Leverage the strengths of blended online learning to make onboarding your remote employees a powerful and valuable experience.

  4. How To Develop A Sustainable Remote Onboarding Program For Your Virtual Teams

    To create a truly sustainable virtual remote onboarding program, you must accommodate for the full onboarding experience, which includes the soft elements described above. How can this be accomplished?

  5. 5 Ways Social Learning Can Lead To An Effective Remote Onboarding Process

    In this chapter, we will examine 5 social learning concepts that can be applied in a remote onboarding context to achieve success.

  6. Back To The Workplace: 5 Things To Consider When Reboarding Returning Employees

    Why start from scratch when you’ve got experienced hands waiting in the wings? Reboarding, however, can be a delicate dance. Let’s take a look at why that might be the case.

  7. Skilling Up Virtual Team Managers And Supervisors: 3 Essential Upboarding Tips

    Good upboarding can make all the difference for new supervisors and managers, and through them, for the teams they lead. So, how do you make great upboarding?

  8. Customize New Hire Training: 5 Reasons To Partner Up With A Vendor For Your Onboarding Program

    If you’re going to create customized training for your onboarding process, you might need help. Let’s look at 5 reasons why you might want to partner with a vendor to develop a robust, customized onboarding program.

As virtual onboarding becomes the rule rather than the exception, it’s imperative for organizations to find ways to fully integrate new employees despite the lack of in-person interaction. This eBook will help you navigate this process by providing insights, tips, and practical advice about virtual onboarding of new and returning (reboarding) employees.

Even if the new reality demands remote working and social distancing, this doesn't mean your employee onboarding strategy should lack quality! Virtual employee onboarding is essential for your business, so get to discover in this amazing resource how you can achieve great results smoothly.

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