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How To Elevate Your Training With A Content Library


How To Elevate Your Training With A Content Library

by TalentLMS / Published: May 19 2023

What it's about

An all-in-one, intuitive training solution built to deliver an engaging learning experience. TalentLMS comes with TalentLibrary, a growing collection of ready-made courses covering the skills needed for success at work. This guide explores how outsourced content libraries can elevate training by providing rich and relevant courses without draining HR resources. We look at their benefits and limitations, explore the theory behind the concept, and outline what topics are best suited to this type of provision. There are also practical tips to help your instructional designers and L&D specialists establish a best-practice approach to optimize use and achieve success.

Key chapters

  • What's an eLearning content library?

    Not all content libraries are made equal. Learn about the different options, their characteristics, and which one is best for your training needs.
  • Eight benefits of using content libraries

    From bringing experts' voice to your training programs to reducing costs and deployment time, ready-made courses come with lots of benefits. Discover them in this chapter.
  • The limitations of eLearning content libraries

    Before jumping into buying and sharing a content library, consider the potential limitations, and some workarounds.
  • The best topics to add to your content library

    Choose the courses that matter to you and your learners. In this chapter, discover which are the must-have training topics, as well as what other areas your content library could cover.
  • How to use your online content library

    Find out how to make the most out of your eLearning content library with five best practice tips.

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