HR Training Programs 101: Tips To Boost Recruitment In The Face Of The COVID-19 Crisis

by eLearning Industry Inc.

Organizations need to adapt their recruitment strategies in response to the global pandemic. Learn how to launch HR training programs that equip your team with essentials skills and core competencies.

Key Chapters

  1. Common HR Training Implementation Pitfalls

    Let's uncover some of the most common HR training mistakes for your organization to avoid.

  2. How HR Training Programs Can Expand Your Talent Pool

    In this chapter, we explore the benefits that HR training has no recruitment, from identifying gaps to building relevant skills.

  3. Crucial Recruitment Training Topics To Cover In Your HR Training Courses

    Here are some essential topics to include in your HR training curriculum.

  4. Recruitment-Boosting Activities To Include In Your HR Training Programs

    These activities and support tools are a must for HR training programs, regardless of your company size or budget.

  5. Core Competencies Every HR Training Program Should Cultivate For Recruitment

    Which competencies do your HR staffers need to possess? This section covers all the crucial talents to cultivate in your human resources team.

  6. 7 Tips To Streamline Your Current HR Recruitment Process With Learning Technologies

    Discover insider tips to improve your current HR recruitment strategy with the help of modern tech.

  7. Bonus: 8 Secrets To Find The Right HR Training Solutions Without Breaking The Bank

    This bonus chapter offers 8 secrets to choose the best training solutions with limited resources.

The global pandemic has changed the way we do business in many respects, that includes the recruiting process. As a result, HR training programs need to adapt to expand your talent pool and retain top performers. Our eBook can help you streamline your recruitment strategy from the ground up and choose the most cost-effective solutions for your organization, whether you develop in-house, outsource, or purchase off-the-shelf solutions.

This ultimate guide shows you how to implement success HR training programs, with a strong emphasis on recruitment. It's ideal for HR professionals and organizations that want to expand their talent pool in the post-pandemic world.

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Christopher Pappas
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