Breaking Into The Industry: Insider Secrets For New eLearning Localization Professionals

by eLearning Industry, Inc.

From dispelling common myths to promoting your niche expertise, this guide has all the secrets eLearning localization professionals need to launch their career! You'll even learn how to list in an online directory to land your first contract and build your brand image.

Key Chapters

  1. What Is eLearning Localization And Why Do Organizations Localize Online Training?

    Master the essentials of eLearning localization and discover why organizations have an ever-increasing need for your services.

  2. 6 Types Of eLearning Content That Are Localized

    Let's explore the 6 most popular types of content you can expect to localize for future clients.

  3. 5 Common Online Training Localization Myths

    Debunking the top training localization myths and taking a closer look at the truths behind them.

  4. 5 eLearning Translation Best Practices

    This chapter covers translation tips and tricks that every new localization pro should know.

  5. How To Start Your Own eLearning Localization Consultancy Business

    What do you need to launch your own consultancy business and land your first client?

  6. 5 Tips To Promote Your Localization Services

    This section shares insider secrets to promote your experience and expertise.

  7. Bonus: How To List Your eLearning Localization Company In An Exclusive Directory

    We wrap things up with a detailed overview of how to create your first directory listing.

Localization professionals have even bigger opportunities due to the COVID crisis, as more companies move their training online. However, breaking into the industry can be daunting. This guide answers all of your most pressing questions so that you can embark on your new career path with greater confidence.

This ultimate guide has all the insider info you need to embark on a successful eLearning localization career, from best practices to business-boosting marketing tips.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.