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Inspiring Your Learners


Inspiring Your Learners

by Learning Pool / Published: Jul 19 2018

What it's about

Creating eLearning content from scratch is a creative process, one which we involve our clients in from day one. Here we share with you how we develop our innovative eLearning content from start to finish.

Key chapters

  • Focus

    Focus on Outcomes, Inspire learners and Impact performance.
  • Analyse

    Understanding your organisational needs and culture is crucial.
  • Design

    Our team hosts the full skills-set needed to design an engaging, immersive solution.
  • Plan

    Our team has years of experience in steering a project through its design, development and delivery phases.
  • Build

    Creating engaging and effective learning content is very much a joint effort.
  • Refine & Deliver

    Our approach is designed to be flexible and iterative, with the ability to make changes at any stage.
  • Impact

    Your course will be designed to have a measurable impact on your organisation’s performance.

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