Inspiring Your Learners

by Learning Pool

Creating eLearning content from scratch is a creative process, one which we involve our clients in from day one. Here we share with you how we develop our innovative eLearning content from start to finish.

Key Chapters

  1. Focus

    Focus on Outcomes, Inspire learners and Impact performance.

  2. Analyse

    Understanding your organisational needs and culture is crucial.

  3. Design

    Our team hosts the full skills-set needed to design an engaging, immersive solution.

  4. Plan

    Our team has years of experience in steering a project through its design, development and delivery phases.

  5. Build

    Creating engaging and effective learning content is very much a joint effort.

  6. Refine & Deliver

    Our approach is designed to be flexible and iterative, with the ability to make changes at any stage.

  7. Impact

    Your course will be designed to have a measurable impact on your organisation’s performance.

Our team hosts the full skills-set needed to design engaging, immersive solutions.

To get inspired is one thing, and to inspire others with your eLearning content is something completely different. To be effective in inspiring your learners not only you must be prepared, but you should follow certain steps as well. To describe it as briefly as possible, you must focus, analyze, design, plan, build, refine and deliver, and last but not least impact in a way that can be measured. It is a process that will result in you being productive the way you want, designed by the Learningpool people, who are experienced in this field.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network