How To Interview Temporary Talent For Learning And Development Positions: Finding The Best Fit For Your Needs

by SweetRush Inc.

An important part of talent management, contingent labor can fill in for personal leave, handle rush projects, and address the need for capabilities you don’t have. You need someone who can hit the ground running, which makes the interview the most critical part of the hiring and assessment process: you need to ask the right questions so you’ll make the right choice.
The SweetRush Talent Solutions team is excited to share its experience-based best practices for the interview process in this eBook.

Key Chapters

  1. Getting Started

    We’ll explain when you should use temporary talent and describe the ideal candidate profile for a temporary role.

  2. Chapter 1: What to Expect from the Interview Process

    How much time can you expect to invest in this process? We’ll help you set realistic expectations, and we’ll offer tips on being responsive and conducting interviews.

  3. Chapter 2: Tips for Interviewing Temporary Talent

    Is your candidate ready to add value from Day One? Learn why project management skills are important, what the ideal temperament is for temporary work, and how to recognize the “sweet spot” in a candidate’s career.

  4. Chapter 3: The Learning and Development Skills Assessment

    We’ll show you why a killer job description—and having the right expectations—will attract the right candidates for your position.

  5. Chapter 4: Cultural Fit and How to Interview for It

    Cultural fit—so critical for rapidly integrating a new player into your team! We’ll help you assess whether your candidate will thrive in your organization.

  6. The Interview Checklist

    A comprehensive list of questions to help you assess each candidate for temporary work, the learning and development role, and cultural fit!

If you’re seeking a perfectly qualified and amazing individual, this is exactly the type of candidate who’ll have many options and whom others will be seeking as well. So, if this person has entered your orbit, keep them within your gravitational force.


The interview only provides you with a brief glimpse of the candidate before making the critical hire decision. Having conducted thousands of interviews, we've gotten pretty good at choosing the person who is the right fit. It was enjoyable to distill our thoughts on the art and science of the interview for this eBook.

Arturo Schwartzberg photo

Arturo Schwartzberg
Cofounder and Chairman, SweetRush Inc.; eBook Coauthor

Every client I speak to has different needs, and the talent we work with are all different. Therein lies the essential challenge, and it’s really in the interview where the client and talent can see if their needs align.

Rodrigo Salazar photo

Rodrigo Salazar
Manager, Talent Solutions, SweetRush Inc.; eBook Coauthor

I've experienced the way SweetRush goes about interviewing and queuing up talent, and the magic they bring works. Though I have a lifetime of experience building teams, this was a great read I've already recommended many times.

Jo Coulson photo

Jo Coulson
Learning & Development Professional