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No Headset? No Problem! Launch Your Immersive Learning Strategy With WebXR


No Headset? No Problem! Launch Your Immersive Learning Strategy With WebXR

by SweetRush / Published: Sep 27 2023

What it's about

Learning innovator, meet WebXR. Discover how this powerful technology helps you bring immersive experiences to every learner, with or without a VR headset…all while integrating with your LMS, serving up superior data analytics, and delivering dazzling ROI.

Key chapters

  • Meet WebXR

    It’s the gateway to immersive learning—and it’s helping L&D innovators increase access to high-quality immersive learning and skilling experiences. Discover how WebXR content helps you bring immersive learning to a globally distributed audience…with or without a VR headset.
  • Why the Time Is Right for WebXR Learning Experiences

    Learners and technology are coming together in a unique moment of alignment. We explore the two main forces driving this powerful merger—and why now is the carpe diem moment for WebXR content.
  • WebXR and Native VR: A Tale of Three Immersive Experience Types

    As workplaces and job roles continue to evolve, learning innovators are embracing immersive solutions for a wide spectrum of use cases, from technical training to nuanced interpersonal skills. Discover the three types of immersive learning experiences powering their learning strategies.
  • The Immersive Learning Lookbook

    What in the (virtual) world is it like to experience a WebXR or native VR learning solution? Find out with our lookbook of seven amazing immersive learning experiences for a range of use cases, from warehouse safety to customer service.
  • WebXR Learning Experiences Meet Your LMS

    You’re all in on the benefits of immersive learning…but your organization’s learning content needs to live in your LMS. Find out why that’s not a dealbreaker, thanks to the WebXR LMS Integration Tool and its data analytics superpowers.
  • Ready to Take the Plunge into Immersive Learning?

    An immersive learning partner should be more than just a shiny object vendor. Here’s how we partner with you to build an immersive learning portfolio mapped to your organization’s broader learning and business strategy.

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