Take The eLearning Leap: 8 K-12 Education Challenges That Online Learning Can Overcome

by eLearning Industry Inc.

The global pandemic isn't the only catalyst for change. In fact, educators and school board administrators must contend with a variety of issues to make an impact on the lives of learners. This K-12 education challenges guide shows you how to launch an eLearning strategy to overcome obstacles and provide an individualized experience for every student.

Key Chapters

  1. Challenge #1: Limited Resources

    Discover how eLearning stretches available resources and helps you deploy cost effective student development solutions.

  2. Challenge #2: Safety Risks (COVID Crisis)

    How can online learning mitigate safety risks? Find out how making the move can help you handle the global pandemic.

  3. Challenge #3: Low K-12 Student Engagement

    Students must be fully engaged to get the most from the experience. Learn tips to boost online participation.

  4. Challenge #4: Lack Of Personalization

    Successful learning experiences are individualized, and this chapter shows you how to personalize the process with eLearning resources.

  5. Challenge #5: Time Crunch

    Pressed for time? Learn how tech tools and a solid strategy can help you beat the clock.

  6. Challenge #6: Low Parent Involvement

    One of the biggest hurdles is getting parents involved? Discover how eLearning makes education a team effort.

  7. Challenge #7: Large Class Sizes

    You may not be able to shrink class sizes, but online learning can help educators enact meaningful change on a larger scale.

  8. Challenge #8: Emotional Factors

    From stress to hectic home environments, learn how to deal with students' emotional needs with the right eLearning approach.

  9. 7 Steps To Implement eLearning In K-12 Education

    We walk you through the steps to launch your own online learning strategy for K-12 education.

  10. Bonus: 5 Tips To Choose The Best eLearning Tech For K-12 Education

    This final chapter offers tips to choose the right software for your online learners to foster remote collaboration.

The global pandemic has reshaped many aspects of the educational landscape. How can K-12 learning professionals and school administrators rise to these new challenges, while still dealing with the ones they faced before the COVID outbreak? This epic guide shows you how to overcome 8 common obstacles with the right academic eLearning solutions, from tight budgets to low student engagement.

This guide can help school board administrators, teachers, and other K-12 educational professionals to transition to online learning cost effectively. You'll learn how to deal with the most significant obstacles using tech and proven methodologies.

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Christopher Pappas
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