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Take The eLearning Leap: 8 K-12 Education Challenges That Online Learning Can Overcome


Take The eLearning Leap: 8 K-12 Education Challenges That Online Learning Can Overcome

by eLearning Industry Inc. / Published: Apr 09 2021

What it's about

The global pandemic isn't the only catalyst for change. In fact, educators and school board administrators must contend with a variety of issues to make an impact on the lives of learners. This K-12 education challenges guide shows you how to launch an eLearning strategy to overcome obstacles and provide an individualized experience for every student.

Key chapters

  • Challenge #1: Limited Resources

    Discover how eLearning stretches available resources and helps you deploy cost effective student development solutions.
  • Challenge #2: Safety Risks (COVID Crisis)

    How can online learning mitigate safety risks? Find out how making the move can help you handle the global pandemic.
  • Challenge #3: Low K-12 Student Engagement

    Students must be fully engaged to get the most from the experience. Learn tips to boost online participation.
  • Challenge #4: Lack Of Personalization

    Successful learning experiences are individualized, and this chapter shows you how to personalize the process with eLearning resources.
  • Challenge #5: Time Crunch

    Pressed for time? Learn how tech tools and a solid strategy can help you beat the clock.
  • Challenge #6: Low Parent Involvement

    One of the biggest hurdles is getting parents involved? Discover how eLearning makes education a team effort.
  • Challenge #7: Large Class Sizes

    You may not be able to shrink class sizes, but online learning can help educators enact meaningful change on a larger scale.
  • Challenge #8: Emotional Factors

    From stress to hectic home environments, learn how to deal with students' emotional needs with the right eLearning approach.
  • 7 Steps To Implement eLearning In K-12 Education

    We walk you through the steps to launch your own online learning strategy for K-12 education.
  • Bonus: 5 Tips To Choose The Best eLearning Tech For K-12 Education

    This final chapter offers tips to choose the right software for your online learners to foster remote collaboration.

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