Lead The Charge With State-Of-The-Art Live Virtual Learning

by Adobe Connect

The global pandemic is forcing a rapid pivot to VILT programs.

- What are the principles of effective live virtual learning?

- Why optimal delivery matters for business success?

- How to choose best-of-breed VILT technology?

Key Chapters

  1. Learning In 2020 And Beyond

    The state of learning today and how it is going to evolve.

  2. Principles Of Effective Online Learning

    The most important principles for online learning and L&D teams.

  3. How Learning Impacts The Business

    Why learning has a tremendous impact on every business.

  4. How Learning Measurement Can Support The Business

    Learning Measurement is a valuable tool that can lead to amazing results.

The 2020 LinkedIn Learning survey found that over 50% of learners feel most motivated to learn in a collaborative, social environment. Perhaps this is why engaging VILT programs remain the gold standard.

What I like the most about Josh Bersin's eBook, A Framework For Optimizing The Virtual Live Experience, is the way it tackles a complicated issue in a clear and concise manner.

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Christopher Pappas
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