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Lead The Charge With State-Of-The-Art Live Virtual Learning


Lead The Charge With State-Of-The-Art Live Virtual Learning

by Adobe Connect / Published: Oct 09 2020

What it's about

The global pandemic is forcing a rapid pivot to VILT programs. - What are the principles of effective live virtual learning? - Why optimal delivery matters for business success? - How to choose best-of-breed VILT technology?

Key chapters

  • Learning In 2020 And Beyond

    The state of learning today and how it is going to evolve.
  • Principles Of Effective Online Learning

    The most important principles for online learning and L&D teams.
  • How Learning Impacts The Business

    Why learning has a tremendous impact on every business.
  • How Learning Measurement Can Support The Business

    Learning Measurement is a valuable tool that can lead to amazing results.

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