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Improve Team Performance In Your Organisation: Leadership Skills Training In The Workplace


Improve Team Performance In Your Organisation: Leadership Skills Training In The Workplace

by Learning Pool / Published: May 20 2019

What it's about

Leaders don't only need to work on their own skillset or their own professional development. More so they need to be aware of the training needs of the people they manage to help them develop through training and supervision

Key chapters

  • What is skills training?

    In a world of rapid change, some core skills remain vitally important. To support and enhance those skills, you need skills training. And training, like the work landscape it covers, needs to adapt and respond to changing requirements.
  • How to create an agile business training course keeping your learners engaged

    Leadership Training can have a bright future, so long as it adapts to the modern working environment and engages learners.
  • Continuing professional development (cpd) - six best practices

    It’s increasingly recognised that learning is a continuous, lifelong process. This has been acknowledged formally in the growing importance of Continuing Professional Development or CPD for short.
  • Developing an effective leadership style to improve performance and engagement in the workplace

    Styles of Leadership feature a lot in management textbooks. It can make for a fun exercise or teaser to discover what kind of leader you are. But is it just a question of styles over substance?
  • Features of effective leadership skills training

    Without teamwork, overall performance will suffer. An organisation can’t be a one-man band.
  • What to consider before integrating training catalogues

    With constant demands on business through new legislation (think GDPR) and the need to upskill and encourage employee development (think CPD), there’s an increased need for training.
  • How to create an accurate budget for your leadership skills training

    The challenge for any organisation is to find a way to keep pace with these rapid developments and create the budget to do so.
  • Accelerate your leadership skills training with learning pool’s training catalogues

    Businesses are under constant pressure to adapt to new processes, legislation, and markets. In this state of constant change, an organisation’s biggest asset is its people.

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