Break Down The Accessibility Barriers: Your Guide To Launching A Learning On-The-Go Training Program With An LMS App

by eLearning Industry

Are you looking for an on-the-go LMS that provides anytime-anywhere support to your entire team? Find out what LMS features and tools are crucial to the success of your mobile-friendly training, and more. This eBook provides all the useful info for learning on-the-go!

Key Chapters

  1. Online Vs. Offline Learning: 6 Key Benefits Of Providing Learning On-The-Go

  2. Anytime, Anywhere Learning Essentials: 5 Features That Your Next LMS App Must Include

  3. Is An LMS App In Your Budget? 5 Cost-Cutting Ways To Launch A Mobile Learning App For Online Training

  4. Distractions And Motivational Dilemmas: 5 Common Pitfalls Of Learning On-The-Go And Tips To Avoid Them

  5. Offline Learning For Employee Engagement: 6 Tips To Use Anytime, Anywhere Learning To Boost Participation Rates

  6. 8 Secrets To Develop Offline Learning Games That Bring Bored Mobile Learners Back On Track

  7. Calculating Your Learning On-The-Go Budget: 8 Expenses To Consider When Implementing A Mobile Learning App

  8. Reduce Compliance Online Training Costs: 6 Tips To Leverage Learning On-The-Go With A Mobile Learning App

  9. Micro And Mobile-Ready: 6 Tips To Use Bite-Size Support And A Mobile Learning App To Improve Retention

  10. Offline Learning Apps For Tech Newcomers: 4 Tips To Find The Best User-Friendly Mobile Learning App

  11. Seamless And Multi-Screen Compatible: 7 Ways Offline Learning Apps Offer Your External Partners Anytime, Anywhere Learning Support

  12. 7 Techniques To Track Employee Performance With Offline Learning Apps

Find the LMS that offers learning on-the-go the way that suits your organization, and check how to develop offline learning games that bring bored mobile learners back on track. Plus, discover some secrets to use microlearning and mobile learning apps to improve knowledge retention on-the-go.

Kids learn as they play, and adults do, too. But when they attend seminars or conferences, grown-ups frequently doodle the day away in sheer boredom. Try serious mobile games as an alternative. Enable them to function offline for out-of-office training opportunities. Let them have fun to kill the boredom, but ensure they learn, too.

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