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eLearning Industry LMS Report: Most Valuable LMS Features


eLearning Industry LMS Report: Most Valuable LMS Features

by Steve Foreman and eLearning Industry / Published: Jan 15 2019

What it's about

The LMS is an important learning technology for business, government and military, academia, associations, and training providers. But with hundreds of products available in an ever-changing marketplace, how does an organization know which product is right for its needs?   eLearning Industry conducted a survey to find out which LMS features are most valued by 7 different types of organizations – and people from over 1,000 organizations responded.   The survey report offers data and information to assist organizations in identifying the most valuable LMS features for their organization's current and future needs.   While some pundits denounce the LMS saying it is dead or dying, survey data indicate the contrary. Download this report to learn more.

Key chapters

  • Executive Summary

    - Who Should Read This Report
    - Survey Methodology
  • Survey Respondents

    Respondents were from 7 different organization types.
  • What Is An LMS?

    A Learning Management System is a multiuser software application for managing the administration, delivery, tracking, and reporting of instructor-led classes and eLearning programs.
  • How Prevalent Is The LMS Among Respondents?

    Most of the respondent's organizations are using an LMS.
  • What Are The Most Valuable LMS Features To Respondents?

    - Instructor-Led Features
    - Virtual Classroom Features
    - Web-Based Training Features
    - Compliance And Certification Features
    - General System Features
    - System Deployment Options

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