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LMS Project Toolkit


LMS Project Toolkit

by Docebo / Published: May 04 2017

What it's about

You know a Learning Management System is a big investment for enterprises. You know your organization would benefit from investing in an LMS, but you have to gain internal buy-in from your company’s key decision makers. This LMS Project toolkit has everything you need to help you gain executive buy-in more efficiently.

Key chapters

  • Pocket Guide to Learning Technologies

    Information about the learning technology landscape and how an LMS can help you reach your L&D goals.
  • Building a Business Case

    Tips for convincing your executive team to invest in a new LMS.
  • Buying an LMS

    What you need to know about the LMS purchasing process so you’re ready to move forward once you receive the executive “yes”.
  • ROI Checklist

    Justify your LMS investment by anticipating the potential costs and returns.
  • Presentation Guide

    Tips for guiding your executive discussion and handling objections from your organization’s key decision-makers.
  • Presentation Template

    A PPT presentation template you can use to present your business case to your executive team.

  • Quotable Research

    Additional research and information you can leverage for your LMS business case.

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