LMS Project Toolkit

by Docebo

You know a Learning Management System is a big investment for enterprises. You know your organization would benefit from investing in an LMS, but you have to gain internal buy-in from your company’s key decision makers. This LMS Project toolkit has everything you need to help you gain executive buy-in more efficiently.

Key Chapters

  1. Pocket Guide to Learning Technologies

    Information about the learning technology landscape and how an LMS can help you reach your L&D goals.

  2. Building a Business Case

    Tips for convincing your executive team to invest in a new LMS.

  3. Buying an LMS

    What you need to know about the LMS purchasing process so you’re ready to move forward once you receive the executive “yes”.

  4. ROI Checklist

    Justify your LMS investment by anticipating the potential costs and returns.

  5. Presentation Guide

    Tips for guiding your executive discussion and handling objections from your organization’s key decision-makers.

  6. Presentation Template

    A PPT presentation template you can use to present your business case to your executive team.

  7. Quotable Research

    Additional research and information you can leverage for your LMS business case.

According to a recent Brandon Hall Group survey, 54% of companies have seen productivity and engagement improve since implementing a learning technology system.

Everything you need to know about Learning Management Systems, from common features, benefits and metrics tools all the way to popular LMS related questions. This is the ultimate Learning Management System guide.

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