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Making Collaborative Learning More Inclusive For Hybrid Workers


Making Collaborative Learning More Inclusive For Hybrid Workers

by Brainier / Published: Jun 21 2022

What it's about

As millions of workers return to the workplace and re-adjust to in-person collaboration, many will remain virtual, at least part of the time. Despite the location, ongoing employee collaboration is a non-negotiable for organizations to operate, innovate, and remain competitive in the hopes of retaining top talent. This eBook shows you how to empower¬†both in-person and remote employees to contribute at equivalent levels by leveraging collaborative learning.    

Key chapters

  • Signs That Remote And Hybrid Employees Are Here To Stay

  • A Culture Shift In Learning

  • Leveraging Peer-To-Peer Collaboration

  • Collaboration In Real-time

  • Learning Technology That Is As Flexible As Your Team

  • Self-Directed Learning & Collaboration

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