Maximizing Microlearning: How To Leverage Bite-Sized Support For Remote Teams

by eLearning Industry

This guide provides you with actionable tips to deploy your own microlearning training program to stretch available resources, improve remote employee engagement, and prevent compliance mishaps.

Key Chapters

  1. Prime Microlearning Examples That Foster Real-World Application

  2. Microlearning Best Practices For JIT Training Support

  3. Types Of Microlearning That Can Boost Employee Engagement

  4. Production Tips For Microlearning Videos In Online Training

  5. Ways To Cut Microlearning Training Costs Without Cutting Corners

Cutting corners and compromising on quality is not an option for organizations that need to mitigate risks and retain their top talent. So, use these tips to cut costs and still maintain the high-quality content that your employees expect.

Microlearning training programs aren't a cure-all for every L&D dilemma. However, they can be an amazing source of support for your remote workforce. This guide covers all of the essentials you need to deploy your own strategy.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.