Your Guide To Maximizing LMS ROI: How LMS Integrations Can Skyrocket Sales, Customer Satisfaction, And Staff Retention

by eLearning Industry

The right LMS integrations can turn your new Learning Management System into a multifunctional business tool.  This eBook can help you choose the best integrations based on your L&D strategy and business needs.

Key Chapters

  1. How To Maximize LMS Functionality: LMS Integrations Basics And Benefits For Your Organization

    LMS integrations can significantly improve functionality and bring more to your company’s bottom line. Here are 8 of the perks they offer.

  2. Types Of LMS Integrations That Streamline Your Business Operations

    Which LMS integrations should you add to your shopping list? Find out the answer in this chapter.

  3. 8 Tips To Choose A Vendor That Provides The Ideal LMS Integrations For Your Customer Care Team

    Check out 8 tips to choose a vendor that provides the ideal LMS integrations for your customer support team.

  4. 8 Ways LMS Integrations Can Help You Enhance Performance Management And Evaluate Big Data

    Let’s look at 8 ways Learning Management System integrations support performance management.

  5. 7 Perks SalesForce LMS Integration Brings To Your Profit Margin

    In this chapter, we share 7 notable advantages of investing in a SalesForce LMS for your SMB.

  6. 7 Unexpected Ways To Use An LMS With SalesForce Integration For Partner Online Training

    Discover how to implement an LMS with SalesForce for external partner online training.

  7. 7 Tips On Using CRM-LMS Integrations To Improve Customer Satisfaction Scores

    Take a look at these useful tips to choose and use CRM-LMS integrations to boost your customer satisfaction scores.

  8. 6 Ways To Use LMS Integration With Video Conferencing Tools For Team Building

    LMS integration with video conferencing tools builds a stronger team dynamic and breaks down geographical barriers. Here's how to implement it in your L&D strategy.

  9. Stress-Free Sales: 7 Tips To Pick The Perfect Platform With LMS eCommerce Integrations

    Find out 7 insider secrets to pick the perfect platform with LMS eCommerce integrations.

  10. Everything You Need To Know About Investing In An LMS With Single Sign-On

    Find out all you need to know in order to invest wisely in an LMS with single sign-on.

LMS integrations shouldn’t be an afterthought or a feature that might be “nice to have” if you can fit it into your L&D budget. LMS integrations can streamline every aspect of business operations because they create a nerve center for your organization. The key is finding a platform that has all the essentials without going overboard. This eBook will offer you innovative ways to use LMS integrations in order to improve functionality and ROI.

Learning Management Systems don’t have to be used only for employee training. They can be part of your vast L&D and business operation infrastructure that keeps staffers in-the-know and builds a strong company culture. This is why you need LMS integrations in order to enhance functionality and gain even more for your organization.

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Christopher Pappas
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