Measuring The Business Impact Of Your Learning Programs

by Docebo

Today, the importance of measuring the business impact of your learning program is more critical than ever. In this whitepaper, Docebo provides an actionable step by step process to building a learning framework that is designed to measure business impact.

Key Chapters

  1. Build A Framework That’s Ever-Evolving

    Discover how your framework should change with your learning activities.

  2. Foster A Culture Of Continuous Learning

    Understand the connection between ongoing employee development and true business impact.

  3. Optimize Business Impact

    Learn how to promote continuous learning and business impact even after course completion.

Research from LinkedIn has found that CEOs most want to see the business impact, followed by ROI. The problem is, only 8% of CEOs say they see the business impact from their L&D programs, and only 4% say they see ROI. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to build a framework that evolves with your learning activities, the potential benefits of embracing continuous learning, as well as, how to achieve, measure, and optimize business impact.

Nowadays, it is impossible to retain or develop your learning programs without measuring their impact on your business. This eBook shares valuable knowledge on how to build the proper framework, measure and increase your business impact, and cherish your organization's continuous learning culture.

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