Merge Face-To-Face With Learning Tech: How ILT And LMS Can Bring Employees The Best Of Both Worlds

by eLearning Industry

Contrary to critics’ claims, instructor-led training is not the remnant of a bygone era. There is still a case to be made for face-to-face sessions that offer one-on-one support. However, blending it with learning technology can help you enhance personalization and stretch your L&D budget even further. This eBook offers the insights you need to merge ILT and LMS to offer your employees the best of both L&D worlds.



Key Chapters

  1. Benefits Of Using ILT And An LMS To Achieve Your L&D Objectives

  2. Reasons Why Your Current ILT Strategy Leaves Learners Underwhelmed

  3. Overlooked Ways To Use Learning Technology to Enrich Your ILT Compliance Sessions

  4. Popular Myths About Instructor-Led Training And The Surprising Truths Behind Them

  5. Tips To Find The Best LMS To Support ILT Without Going Over Budget

There’s something to be said for taking the path that’s already been paved. However, you should also be open to change if you want to succeed in the corporate sector. This is why so many organizations now take the hybrid approach.

ILT and LMS can work together to help your team reach common goals. This guide has tips and tricks to merge modern tech with face-to-face training to achieve your objectives. 

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.