Modern And Multiplatform-Friendly: Everything You Need To Know To Implement A Mobile LMS For Online Training

by eLearning Industry

Why should you buy an LMS with a built-in mobile training app? What’s the specific benefit of investing in an LMS that has its own mobile app included? What are the advantages of developing an eLearning app with a mobile LMS versus using a mobile-optimized one? Is there truly a significant difference between native mobile apps and responsive LMS content? Download our eBook to find the answers to these questions and much more…

Key Chapters

  1. 5 Surprising Benefits Of Investing In A Mobile LMS That Features A Mobile Learning App

  2. 5 Advantages Of Developing An eLearning App With A Mobile LMS Versus Mobile-Optimized

  3. Mobile LMS Must-Haves: 5 Mobile Learning Solutions Features That Stretch Your L&D Budget

  4. 6 Tips To Choose The Ideal Custom Mobile Learning Solutions Provider For Compliance Online Training

  5. 6 Mobile Learning Trends To Consider When Investing In A New Mobile LMS

  6. 6 Tips To Stay On Top Of Mobile Learning Trends Before Implementing A Mobile LMS

  7. 7 Tips To Find A Flexible Mobile LMS App For Your Blended Online Training Program

  8. 6 Reasons Why Your SMB Needs A Mobile LMS For JIT Performance Support

  9. 5 Ways That LMS Applications And Mobile LMS Can Help You Retain Your Top Sales Talent

  10. Free Demo Checklist: 7 Things To Look For During Your Mobile Learning Platform Test Drive

  11. 4 Ways A Mobile Learning Platform Can Help You Achieve Stellar Customer Satisfaction Scores

  12. 5 Mobile Learning Management System Implementation Mistakes That Cause A Costly Catastrophe

  13. LMS Mobile App Implementation: 6 Tips To Develop A Realistic Timeline

  14. 8 Budgeting Factors For Choosing The Best Mobile LMS For Your External Partner Training

This eBook summarizes all you need to know so you can find the best mobile LMS for online training that suits your needs. Find out the surprising benefits of investing in a mobile LMS that features a mobile learning app. Check out must-have features to look for in mobile learning solutions that can stretch your L&D budget, and top tips to choose the ideal custom mobile learning solutions provider for your compliance training program. Discover 4 ways a mobile learning platform can help your team provide an amazing customer experience to boost those satisfaction scores. Last, find out which costly mistakes not to make when implementing a mobile LMS and tips to develop a realistic timeline for mobile LMS implementation.

Your corporate LMS with a built-in mobile learning app can enable you to design online training courses from scratch. However, ensuring these courses work on mobile is a separate skill-set. When mobile training apps are included with your LMS, it makes your course development process quicker, cheaper and easier.

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