Mobile Meet-Ups: How To Choose The Best Remote Meeting Software For Online Training

by eLearning Industry Inc.

Mobile meeting software isn't just for conference calls or remote sales pitches. You can also use these multifunctional apps to upskill your team and launch a top notch VILT program. Our remote meeting software eBook features tips to help you kick-start your online training strategy. We walk you through the vendor vetting process and crucial selling points to add to your shopping list. You'll also learn about the unexpected perks that mobile meeting tools can bring to your L&D program, especially for SMBs with limited budgets.

Key Chapters

  1. 7 Profitable Perks of Investing in Remote Meeting Tools for your SMB

    How can mobile meeting solutions improve your bottom line? Let's look at 7 notable advantages it can bring to your SMB.

  2. Tips to Compile an Online Meeting Software Shortlist TODAY

    You need to find a mobile meeting tool ASAP, and these tips can help you narrow the options right away.

  3. Crucial Features to Consider for Your New Remote Meeting Systems

    Which selling points should you look for? Here are some of the top features to add to your shopping list.

  4. 7 Strategies To Follow For Mobile Web Conferencing Pricing Models and Costs

    How do you set a realistic budget? This section has 7 insider secrets for pricing models and mobile meeting tool expenses.

  5. How to Evaluate Remote Meeting Solutions and Compare Specs

    How do you weigh all the best mobile meeting solutions? You'll find top tips to compare tech specs and vendor support.

  6. 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Online Meeting Systems

    Avoiding the most common mistakes can help you improve ROI. This chapter features 7 crucial selection errors every new buyer should know.

  7. Unexpected Benefits of Using A Remote Meeting Systems Directory

    An exclusive directory can speed up the selection process, but what are the other benefits associated with vendor listings?

  8. Conferencing Software For Remote Meetings Versus Desktop Apps: Which is Best for Your Business?

    Should you go with a desktop app or mobile meeting tool? This section can help you decide.

  9. Virtual Meeting Software Comparison: What To Consider For Mobile Application

    Remote meeting software should be multifunctional and user-friendly. So, move these factors to the top of your priorities list.

Choosing the best remote meeting software isn’t easy when you’re pressed for time and working with limited resources. However, knowing about the common mistakes in advance can help you avoid them altogether. It's also helpful to understand tool functionality and which features to look for. That's where this guide steps in to help you maximize value for money and find the right remote meeting app for your telecommuting team.

Many businesses underestimate mobile meeting solutions. They aren't just for client meet-and-greets. In fact, you can use them to launch an engaging online training program for your telecommuting employees. This guide outlines all the steps involved, from setting a budget to qualifying vendors.

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