The Personalized Learning Guide

by Learning Pool

This eBook will help you define your strategy to personalize learning within your organization, frame a business case for personalized learning, and deploy appropriate technology to help implement it effectively.

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction By John Helmer

    The importance of personalized learning.

  2. What Is Personalized Learning?

    Three principles of modern personalized learning.

  3. Personalized Learning And Employee Engagement

    What tangible business benefits can you achieve with personalized learning?

  4. AI And Personalization Of Learning

    How AI is helping to personalize learning.

  5. Using An LXP To Implement Personalized Learning

    Understanding the LXP.

  6. How Personalized Learning Changes The Rules For L&D

    Challenges that may arise with personalization.

It is fair to say that learning tailored by the learner has become an important and even necessary aspect of a personalized learning approach.

There is a revolution happening as we speak, and that is personalized learning. It is the future, and it is here. But to facilitate such changes you need to evaluate all essential processes. What are some of the challenges that may arise with personalization? Read all about it in this eBook.

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