Tapping Into The Power Of Personalized Learning

by Docebo

No learner learns the same way, or at the same pace. Learn how developments in learning technology are making it possible to tap into the power of personalized learning.

Key Chapters

  1. What is Personalized Learning?

    Personalized learning isn’t new; however, few companies are focusing on introducing personalized learning programs.

  2. The Problem with Personalized Learning

    The key problem with personalized learning is that many believe it can be delivered with technology alone. Learn why this is a misconception.

  3. How to Integrate Personalized Learning into L&D Programs Now

    Learn how you can introduce personalized learning at your organization today.

Personalized learning ultimately looks at our behaviour, including how we have acted and interacted in the past and how we continue to do so in the present. Eventually, once technology and artificial intelligence (AI) catch up (which will be soon), personalized learning programs will also anticipate how learners desire to learn and what kind of content the need to learn from in the future, as they progress.

Personalized learning has proved to be an effective technique for knowledge acquisition and retention. Looking to incorporate it into your L&D program? This eBook demonstrates how to use personalized learning in a strategic way.

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