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Powering The Modern Learner Experience | Next-Generation Learning Tools Come Of Age


Powering The Modern Learner Experience | Next-Generation Learning Tools Come Of Age

by Learning Pool / Published: Mar 05 2020

What it's about

The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and the Learning Record Store (LRS) have been touted by many analysts as the key technologies that will dominate the learning tech stack for the years to come. Now they have cleared the first stages of development and are gaining widespread adoption. This paper brings together original research into the current state of the LXP/LRS market along with other strands of research and opinions in order to provide for the first time a comprehensive view of these exciting developments and how they are shaping the future of learning.

Key chapters

  • Foreword – By Donald H. Taylor

    Donald H. Taylor introduces us to LXPs and LRSs.
  • Executive Summary

    A little background of the development of the LXP and a comparison to an LMS.
  • Section 1: What Ιs An LXP…And Why Would You Need One?

    An in-depth analysis of the nature of the LXP and the problems that it solves.
  • Section 2: The State Of Τhe Market For LXP/LRS

    An overview of the current state of the market concerning these emerging technologies.
  • Section 3: Conclusions

    The most important points of the eBook.
  • References

    Various references with the appropriate links.

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