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Ready, Learner One? The L&D Innovator’s Gateway To Immersive Learning And The Metaverse


Ready, Learner One? The L&D Innovator’s Gateway To Immersive Learning And The Metaverse

by SweetRush Inc. / Published: Jul 19 2022

What it's about

Wondering what the metaverse is—and what’s in it for L&D? Join us for this guided tour of immersive learning in the metaverse and beyond. You’ll discover who (and what) lives in the metaverse, four strong use cases for immersive learning, and what the future holds for virtual reality and augmented reality technology and immersive learning.

Key chapters

  • Tutorial: What’s the metaverse?

    More importantly, what’s in the metaverse for L&D? Discover the features and who’s already there, the five (yes, five!) types of reality, metaverse myths and truths, and four great use cases for immersive learning.
  • How do I get started?

    Rule Number One: Don’t follow the shiny object! Follow this step-by-step guide to gauge your organization’s readiness to set off on an epic immersive learning quest.
  • Take me to your L&D use cases

    Immersive learning shouldn’t feel like a plunge into the unknown: It’s an extension of the L&D practices you’re already getting right. Find out how those look in XR with four powerful use cases–and plenty of examples.
  • Forecast the future

    Our experts share what’s ahead for XR technology and immersive learning–and how it can help L&D influencers like you create more engaging, enjoyable learning experiences.
  • Help me find The One

    Ready to meet your perfect-match immersive learning partner? This checklist will help you recognize The One.

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