Remote Work And Virtual Training In Aid Of Corporations Worldwide

by eLearning Industry

Remote working has led organizations to seek innovative solutions and double down on their business objectives to build a stronger sense of community. In this eBook, explore how launching a virtual training strategy will help you get your L&D program back on track when your workforce has to work from home.

Key Chapters

  1. Using Rapid eLearning Solutions To Transition To Online Learning

    As many businesses are forced to close their doors, new opportunities arise online. Discover tips to use rapid eLearning solutions to switch to virtual training.

  2. 8 Things To Consider For Employee Engagement When Your Team Has To Work From Home

    Working from home can quickly become a nightmare for organizations. Here’s how to engage the team with the help of learning technologies.

  3. Could Virtual Classes Become A Thing?

    Can you use web conferencing tools to bring the team together and build vital skills when on-site ILT is no longer an option?

  4. 9 Tips For Managers Who Need To Develop Plans For Staff Working Remotely

    Find out 9 insider secrets to develop plans for staff working remotely and get your online training strategy back on track.

  5. How To Successfully Develop Employee Skills While Working From Home

    Working remotely doesn't mean staffers must take a break from skill-building. Explore how to hone employee talents while working from home.

  6. What Does Working Remotely Mean? 7 Ways To Stay Creative During The Coronavirus Lockdown

    Keeping the mental gears turning can be challenging when you’re out of your element. For example, when you’re suddenly confined to your home by a pandemic.

  7. Upcoming L&D Event Canceled? Use A Web Conferencing Tool

    Check out how you can still host an upcoming L&D event with the right web conferencing tool.

Working remotely means venturing out of your professional comfort zone and adapting your practices and processes to minimize the impact on your company’s profit margins while, simultaneously, dealing with the emotional and psychological stressors of quarantine. Virtual training helps you go through this transition with minimal stress and resources.

Every day your employees go without L&D support is a missed opportunity for growth and top-tier productivity. Investing in virtual training will enable you to keep up with your L&D strategy and foster a stronger company culture today.

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Christopher Pappas
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