Reshaping Talent Development: How Technology Is Redefining Performance Management


This eBook looks at how tech is redefining performance management, the experience gaps that remain, and how new, intelligent solutions are giving HR leaders and employees a better, more effective, and efficient path forward. Our smart eLearning solutions provide you with the content and tools to deliver, manage, and track employee development, workforce training, compliance & performance management with ease. Potential starts here!

Key Chapters

  1. Reshaping Talent Development

    From assessment tools to learning management platforms, from ready-to-go streaming content libraries to gamification, from managing workforce training programs to artificial intelligence with predictive career and skill path modeling, technology is reshaping talent development. And it's becoming integrated across business units as HR and front-line managers step into a more hands-on coaching role, communicating more frequently and requiring more accountability in results - from employees as well as employers.

  2. Performance Management Has Evolved, But Challenges Still Persist

    As technology evolved, companies implemented software to digitize the process, complete with automated reminders, workflow prompts, and digital scoring or rating systems. While this cut back on paper consumption and saved countless trees, it hasn't significantly improved the employee experience, nor generated real business value.

  3. Taking a Different Approach

    Newer technologies are giving HR teams the tools to build an integrated performance management and talent development program that serves the needs of the company and the individual employees. We'll look at the evolution of performance management, the experience gaps that remain, and how new, intelligent solutions are giving HR leaders and employees a better, more effective and efficient path forward.

  4. The Future of Talent Development is Dynamic & Intelligent

    While many companies fear investing in an employee only to have them leave for another opportunity, the truth is, they can't afford not to. As the battle for talent rages amid the Great Resignation, investing in employee growth is about more than just the financial gain; it's essential for attracting and retaining the talent you need to achieve business objectives. Some 70% of employees say they'd leave to take a job with another organization that is known for investing in employee development. That means that companies not only can't afford to not do it at the risk of losing talent - it means they can use it as a strategic advantage to attract new talent.

Too often, evaluations identify opportunities for improvement & growth, but they fall short of defining clear, measurable goals or a plan to get there. As a result, employees are left feeling as though their weaknesses have been laid bare, with no remedy to overcome them.

There isn't any doubt that technology is changing the way we not only do business but support our remote workforce and nurture talent. This guide shows you how to deploy an adaptable and dynamic talent development program with the right training solutions.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.