Keys To Outsourcing A Results-Driven Curriculum

by Kineo

Embarking on a designing an enterprise learning solution project can feel like there are a million different moving parts. A well-designed learning solution will develop and nurture the critical skills needed to achieve a specific business outcome. Unfortunately, whether or not a curriculum design is successful is often left to chance. With so much on the line, who wants to take that gamble?


At Kineo, we implement a proprietary process for creating effective learning solutions and curriculums that ensure your solution precisely meets the needs of the learners and achieves both organizational and business objectives. In our eBook, Keys to Outsourcing a Results-Driven Curriculum, we’ll share some of our process and how we’ve successfully helped some of the world’s largest companies achieve their business objectives through eLearning initiatives.

Key Chapters

  1. Create a clear project charter

    Begin with the end in mind. This step is all about being clear on your business problem and desired outcomes.

  2. Know your audience

    Identify and analyze who you’re targeting with this solution. How do they connect to the business problem? What do they need from this solution in order to achieve the desired outcomes?

  3. Define the performance goals and barriers

    For each audience segment, clearly articulate the performance goals and any barriers that need to be overcome to achieve those goals.

  4. Surface solution constraints

    Uncover any technological constraints, requirements for your solution like certification or assessments, or any initial ideas for the solution.

  5. Envision the learning experience

    Apply what you know about your problem, audience, desired outcomes, and constraints, and envision the learning experiences and interventions.

At Kineo, we never help a client simply execute a project. Rather, we enable them to begin a journey.

When you have endless possibilities, you may sometimes get stuck with the "endless" part of the deal. Most eLearning professionals know that this is a tough place to be in, especially when designing an enterprise learning solution. Fortunately, there are services and products that build up a process to guide you through, and Kineo's eBook is an iconic example for it. Upon reading it, you’ll comprehend why you should start with the end in mind, know your audience, have well-defined performance goals and barriers, and other helpful insights to outsourcing a results-driven curriculum.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network