SaaS Buying Guide: 8 Power Moves To Select The Best Cloud LMS For Your Employee Training Arsenal

by eLearning Industry Inc.

Choosing the best cloud LMS for your budget shouldn't be a headache. This ultimate guide helps buyers avoid common mistakes, vet vendors rapidly, and invest wisely in the right learning management system for remote employee development. It also covers which features to look for and free resources to compare top solutions.

Key Chapters

  1. 5 Cloud Learning Management System Misconceptions

    Let's debunk some of the most common SaaS LMS myths so that you can determine if cloud-based is best for your team.

  2. 8 Essential Cloud LMS Costs To Consider Before Vetting Vendors

    It's time to break down the budget and review cloud LMS ownership costs.

  3. 7 Free Resources To Find And Choose The Best SaaS LMS For Your SMB

    This chapter features free online tools to help you select the right LMS in your price range.

  4. 7 Cloud LMS Buyer Mistakes That Dig Into Your Profit Margin

    Avoid these common buying pitfalls to improve ROI and avoid post-purchase regrets.

  5. 9 Cloud-Based Learning Management System Features You Can’t Live Without

    What should you add to your shopping list? Here are the top features and functions to look for in your new LMS.

  6. How To Use An Online Directory To Compare Top Cloud LMS Solutions

    An exclusive directory helps you narrow the options, but how do you get the most from vendor listings?

  7. 6 Tips To Use Cloud LMS Reviews To Evaluate The Pros And Cons Of Ownership

    This section has some insider tips to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a cloud LMS.

  8. Crucial Things To Include In Your SaaS LMS Request For Proposal

    An RFP is essential for accurate quotes. But what should you include and omit?

  9. Bonus: How To Evaluate Cloud LMS Proposals And Negotiate The Final Contract

    We take it a step further to help you evaluate vendor proposals and seal the deal.

The right cloud LMS can help you move ILT online and develop team talents. However, you need to choose the best Learning Management System for your budget and business objectives. This guide walks you through all the essential steps, from setting an accurate budget to drafting winning RFPs.

Cloud-based LMS solutions give your employees the power to train anytime, anywhere. This eBook walks you through every aspect of the selection and buying process so that you get max value for your money.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.