Scenario Based Training Essentials: How To Launch A Successful SBL Strategy For Remote Staffers

by eLearning Industry Inc.

How to foster experiential learning and immerse employees in the subject matter? This scenario based training eBook has all the insights you need to launch a solid SBL strategy and find the perfect outsourcing partner.

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Key Chapters

  1. Quintessential Traits Of Successful Scenario-Based Learning Experiences

    What should you include in your scenario training activities? Here are 9 quintessential traits of successful scenario-based learning experiences that your L&D staffers must consider.

  2. Scenario-Based Training Budgeting Tips And Tricks To Avoid Overspending

    These trade secrets to help you work within the confines of your scenario training budget and maximize resource allocation.

  3. Stress-Free Ways To Find The Right Scenario-Based Training Solutions Provider

    This chapter highlights 8 headache-free ways to select the perfect scenario-based training partner at the perfect price point.

  4. Ways To Use Scenario-Based Training Solutions Ratings And Reviews

    Here are 8 cost-effective ways to use scenario training solutions ratings and reviews to find the perfect outsourcing partner, as well as tips to decipher satisfaction scores so that you can evaluate options fairly.

  5. Tips To Find The Right Branching Scenario Software For Your SMB

    These insider tips can help you choose the right learning scenario design tool for the task.

Real world application is the #1 goal of online training. You can’t boost company profits and customer satisfaction scores if employees don’t know how to use all their skills and industry know-how. But how do you put all those theories, policies, and protocols into practice for your remote workforce? Scenario-based training is framed by real world problems, tasks, and situations.

Scenario based training helps employees learn from mistakes and build lateral thinking skills. This eBook covers all the basics, from budgeting to software selection.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.