Social Learning In The Workplace: How To Cultivate A Collaborative Online Training Culture

by eLearning Industry

Wondering what social learning is and how you can implement it in the workplace to motivate employees, facilitate knowledge sharing and talent development? How do you select the right eLearning content provider for social learning, and how do you develop a successful social learning strategy that will lead to business growth?

Key Chapters

  1. What Is Social Learning? 6 Essential Elements Of A Successful Social Learning Strategy

  2. Bandura's Social Learning Theory And Beyond: 6 Core Principles Of The Social Learning Model

  3. 6 Tips To Find The Best Social Learning Approach For Your Onboarding Training

  4. 6 Ways To Incorporate Social Learning In The Workplace For Just-In-Time Learning Support

  5. 7 Popular Social Learning Myths That Are Completely Wrong

  6. 6 Top Social-Emotional Learning Activities For Employee Performance Management

  7. 8 Tips To Select The Right eLearning Content Provider For Social Learning

  8. 7 Social Learning Examples To Integrate Into Your Compliance Online Training Course

  9. How To Incorporate The Social Learning Theory Into Extended Enterprise Employee Online Training

  10. 7 Ways Social Learning Facilitates Knowledge Sharing And Talent Development

This eBook summarizes all you need to know so you can learn how to integrate social learning in the workplace and build a cooperative online training culture. Discover how to find the best social learning approach, and get to expose all the common myths around social learning!

Prepare new employees for the obstacles ahead and break the ice so that they feel like they’re part of the team. The social learning theory enables you to get experienced staffers on board and contribute to the new hire training experience. You’ll probably find that the best social learning approach is a mix of social media, live events, peer coaching, and other engaging elements.

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