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The Enablement Playbook


The Enablement Playbook

by Curious Lion, Inc. / Published: Nov 17 2022

What it's about

Volume 1 of the Enablement Playbook series is an explorative account of five important topics in enablement, seen through the lens of our work at Curious Lion and that of other leaders and subject matter experts in the enablement space.

Key chapters

  • Critical Soft Skills for Sales Reps - An Enablement Perspective

    Hard skills aren't enough for sales reps. Read different enablement professionals' perspectives on four crucial skills sales reps must have.
  • Attaining Leadership Buy-in

    A simple but perplexing question for enablement professionals: how do you get leadership to buy into your initiatives?
  • Creating Time and Space for Reflection

    Discover the power you have to influence teams to generate ideas, achieve clarity on goals, consider new perspectives, draw useful connections between experiences, and more through the power of reflection.
  • Each One, Teach One - Encouraging Teaching

    Companies in which everyone feels comfortable and capable of sharing knowledge with their peers are destined to become more successful. Enablement includes helping people help each other.
  • Capturing Ideas for Future Use

    Find best practices for capturing the valuable insights and tacit knowledge flowing through your company daily so current and future team members can reap the benefits.

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