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The Sales Manager's Master Plan: Skill-Building Secrets To Boost Your Profit Margin


The Sales Manager's Master Plan: Skill-Building Secrets To Boost Your Profit Margin

by eLearning Industry Inc. / Published: Aug 30 2021

What it's about

Which core competencies do your sales reps need to seal the deal? How do you find the perfect outsourcing partner for your L&D program? Discover insider skill-building secrets that every sales manager should know to improve team performance and the health of your bottom line!

Key chapters

  • 5 Reasons To Launch A Sales Skills Training Program For Your Team

    Here are a few notable benefits of launching a skill-building program for your sales teams.
  • 7 Sales Soft Skills That Every Team Should Cultivate TODAY

    Focusing on these 7 crucial soft skills can help you improve team dynamics, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.
  • 6 Easy Steps To Launch A Sales Enablement Course To Improve Customer Relations

    A step-by-step guide to launching sales enablement training programs that increase customer satisfaction stats and foster brand loyalty.
  • 6 Ways To Assess Sales Employees’ Skills In Online Training

    These 6 assessment techniques can help you disclose areas for improvement and create more personalized training resources for your remote workforce.
  • 6 Resources To Add To Your Sales Skills Training Program

    Resources to add to your sales skills training program that will boost its effectiveness and help your employees expand their knowledge and skills.
  • 7 Tips To Find The Perfect Outsourcing Partner For Skills Development Training

    Here are some tricks to help you choose the perfect outsourcing partner for your sales skills training program.

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