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Top Considerations When Choosing An Enterprise Live Virtual Training Solution


Top Considerations When Choosing An Enterprise Live Virtual Training Solution

by The Elearning Guild / Published: Dec 04 2020

What it's about

Discover all the criteria you need to consider for delivering effective and impactful virtual training. A great guide to help you find the ideal enterprise learning solution for your organization.

Key chapters

  • Introduction

    The impact of Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Virtual Training Solution

    To deliver effective and impactful virtual training, one must begin with the platform. Most virtual training platforms offer the same basic feature/functionality options, such as screen sharing, chat, polls, whiteboards, etc.
  • What Distinguishes Robust Virtual Classrooms?

    Without face-to-face contact, it can be challenging for a trainer to engage learners. A robust virtual classroom platform has tools that effectively nurture and support engagement, giving the facilitator a variety of viable options to involve participants.
  • The Future Of Enterprise Virtual Training

    The 2019 ATD State of the Industry report found that in 2018, organizations delivered just 11% of their training via virtual classrooms. The COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially elevated the numbers. A Learning Guild survey of members conducted in March 2020 found a dramatic shift of face-to-face courses and other learning experiences to online delivery, “with 86% of respondents saying at least one or more events have or are moving to an online format.”

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