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Top Emerging Technology Trends And Their Impact On L&D


Top Emerging Technology Trends And Their Impact On L&D

by SweetRush / Published: May 20 2019

What it's about

A closer look at the technologies that are transforming the way we learn—and the way we design learning! Explore the advantages of these exciting new tools and how they can enhance your Learning and Development initiatives.

Key chapters

  • Emerging Technology Trends

    A look at the emerging technologies that are impacting L&D the most, the benefits of incorporating them in your L&D programs, and what to consider before implementing them in your business.
  • Augmented Reality

    How can you leverage augmented reality in order to improve your L&D programs? How can you best vet an augmented reality company before creating your AR training program?
  • Virtual Reality

    How Virtual Reality is changing L&D and how to boost employee performance with VR.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    What Is Artificial Intelligence? What are some key factors to consider before implementing an AI virtual assistant in your business?
  • SweetRush SPARK

    -Innovating L&D with Emerging Technologies
    -A rundown of the reasons you should consider SweetRush as your L&D emerging technologies partner.

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