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Trainer’s Guide - Delivering Exceptional Learning Experiences


Trainer’s Guide - Delivering Exceptional Learning Experiences

by ATD Association for Talent Development / Published: Oct 09 2018

What it's about

In this guide, we’ll go over how to create nurturing learning environments, and identify the 5 most effective skills trainers need to have. We also demonstrate the best way to enhance your skills, deal with challenging participants, and keep your training programs funded.

Key chapters

  • Create Nurturing Learning Environments

    Six main components make up the environment, and learning and development professionals should keep these in mind when planning a training experience.
  • The 5 Most Effective Skills Trainers Need to Have

    Whether you’re recent to the training business or consider yourself a seasoned veteran, it’s incumbent upon you to hone your training skills, not just for your professional capacity but also to exceed your audience’s expectations.
  • Tips for Dealing With Challenging Participants

    Most training sessions will have at least one person who is “not with the program.” By anticipating possible disruptions, you can plan for effective action to handle any issues.
  • How to Keep Your Training Programs Funded

    Learning professionals and managers have always been tasked with building the talent required to meet public demand for better and more services. Now they are asked to do it with less money and fewer resources, and that likely will not change anytime soon.
  • How to Enhance Your Skills

    Take the quiz or connect with a professional development specialist to determine the next step in your professional development journey.

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