Trainer’s Guide - Influencing Your Stakeholders

by ATD Association for Talent Development

Go from order-taker to impact maker. In this guide, you’ll learn different ways to handle training requests, get a peek into obtaining buy-in for your learning programs, and see how Comcast’s L&D function drove impact and alignment in their organization.

Key Chapters

  1. Chapter 1: Dealing with Misguided Training Requests

    “Training requests” as a fix for anything and everything are a consistent thorn in the paw for all Learning and Development departments.

  2. Chapter 2: When is Training the Answer?

    Here’s a fairly common situation for instructional designers: A training request pops up, seemingly out of nowhere, because a problem has been identified.

  3. Chapter 3: What Does Your Organization Create?

    The difference between a vision (or mission) and purpose is emotion. Vision or mission statements are logical. They aim for the head.

  4. Chapter 4: Tips for Defending Your Budget

    The annual budgeting process instills fear in the hearts of many training managers. It is a time of deadlines, paperwork, meetings, meetings, and more meetings.

  5. Chapter 5: [Case Study] Comcast's Winning Formula-Impact and Alignment

    From her vantage point atop the learning organization at Comcast Cable, it’s easy for Martha Soehren to forget how radically different things were only six years ago.

Do you find that, too often, you are working as an order-taker? By that, I mean that a manager contacts the talent development (TD) department with a request for a specific learning solution with the clear expectation that this request will be acted upon.

To think a trainer needs to say yes to all training requests is something out of an organization's reality; out of online training resources and budget, to be precise. Spending some time with Trainer’s Guide – Influencing Your Stakeholders you'll be reassured that you’re not there to offer easy solutions, but to take the company further. You firstly must treat online training with creative thinking.

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Christopher Pappas
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