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Your Guide To VR Training Programs: Virtual Reality For Our New Reality


Your Guide To VR Training Programs: Virtual Reality For Our New Reality

by SweetRush / Published: Jul 01 2020

What it's about

Are you an L&D champion looking to bring innovative solutions to elevate your learning programs? In this essential guide, you’ll gain valuable insights into obtaining buy-in for designing and launching successful VR training programs.

Key chapters

  • Introduction: Virtual Reality For Our New Reality

    VR has proven to be an unparalleled tool to immerse learners and capture their attention in a way nothing else can. And now, in our post-COVID world, the future of learning is virtual.
  • Training For The Modern World: Proven, Effective VR Cases

    In this chapter, we’ll first take a look at efficacy through the lens of Instructional Design. Then we’ll examine how VR can impact the business side of L&D. Finally, we’ll highlight use cases for different types of training, including examples.
  • The VR Investment: Cost, ROI, And Gaining Buy-In

    There’s no need to sugarcoat the reality that VR is an investment. Like simulations and game-based learning, VR programs are typically at the higher end of complexity and interactivity—which translates to higher work effort to produce.
  • VR Training Trends: New Opportunties To Innovate

    In this chapter, we’ll focus on some of the most promising new developments and trends in VR for learning—some we’re already applying and some in the early stages of development that will be available in the near future.
  • Choosing A Partner For Your VR Learning Programs

    Let’s tackle the first burning question on your mind: Do you even need a partner? The greater the complexity and quality, and the more interaction you desire, the greater your need will be for more complicated tools that require more and more advanced programming skills.
  • Putting It All Together: Creating An Aggressive Behavior De-Escalation VR Program At CHRISTUS Health

    Effective learning programs can make the difference between safety and harm, a topic of acute interest in health care settings. In our final chapter, we’ll focus on a case study of a recently completed VR learning program that showcases many of the instructional and technological advances we’ve been talking about.
  • Conclusion: Your VR Training Journey Starts Now

    As we begin to define the “new normal” after the disruption of early 2020, use cases for VR learning are growing, making this learning tool difficult to ignore.

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