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Virtual Training—SweetRush Style: 5 Inspiring Case Studies For A Learner-Centered Approach


Virtual Training—SweetRush Style: 5 Inspiring Case Studies For A Learner-Centered Approach

by SweetRush / Published: Oct 23 2020

What it's about

You’re accelerating the digital transformation of learning and looking for fresh ideas. Awesome! Discover 5 virtual training case studies—unique challenges, audiences, and solutions to spark inspiration for your learning portfolio.

Key chapters

  • When Rapid Response Requieres Rapid Development

    Perhaps the most critical need of 2020 is supporting our frontline healthcare workers with the equipment they need—and the training to use it correctly. A U.S.-Government-funded training and education center partnered with us to create virtual, Just-In-Time training for these essential workers. In this chapter, learn about this image-forward, infographic-centric approach and the companion custom web app, and get tips you can apply to your own rapid development.
  • The Design Thinking Revolution

    In this chapter, discover how we’re using design thinking for learning (we call it CoDesign™) to revolutionize the learning design process. See how we collaborated with The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (The NYSPCC) and used the design thinking process to craft a virtual training program that teaches children in youth gymnastics how to recognize and speak up about sexual abuse. And learn from our own virtual workshop pivot: the transformation of our live CoDesign workshop to virtual.
  • Diversity And Inclusion In Virtual Training

    Social movements continue to shine a light on the lack of inclusion and negative portrayal of under-represented populations in media and entertainment. And it’s up to all of us to widen that lens and include virtual training as another way that people see themselves on-screen. Representation matters! In this chapter, we’ll share how we collaborated on virtual training to educate health care professionals on transgender issues. You’ll discover how representation in illustration has evolved over the past decade, and get insightful tips for improving inclusivity in imagery and voiceovers.
  • Creative Storytelling And Scenario-Based Learning

    Six friends meet in a coffee shop…have you heard this one? The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is on a mission to help new people managers feel prepared, be effective, and make a smooth transition from individual contributor to leader. In this chapter, get an inside look at the SHRM-SweetRush collaboration, People Manager Qualification (PMQ), a totally bingeable, episodic learning program featuring six inspiring friends and the ups and downs of their own people manager journeys. And, gather great insights for using storytelling and scenario-based learning to engage learners.
  • Virtual Training Reimagined

    Raise your hand if COVID-19 forced you to pivot your live classroom workshop to virtual, in record speed! It worked, but you know it’s not a perfect, long-term solution. Ultimately, you want a more robust, learner-centered approach. Could it be that what you’re looking for is a virtual learning journey? In this chapter, you’ll learn how Pfizer collaborated with SweetRush to transform its live workshop for marketing leaders to a virtual learning journey, a blended, multimodal approach that integrates social learning and gamification. And, gain insights about learning journeys, visual maps, and evaluation.

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