Which Skills Do Workplace Learning/ eLearning Practitioners Need?

by Patti Shank and eLearning Industry

What are the most used skills for workplace learning/eLearning practitioners? Is there a core skillset? Is the skillset narrow or wide? Does it vary a lot or a little between respondents?


This report by Patti Shank, PhD presents the skills and tasks that are most often used by respondents working in the learning/ eLearning field. 8 questions, 1668 responses, 105 countries: Find out which are the job skills needed for workplace learning/eLearning practitioners today!

Key Chapters

  1. Summary

    Our analysis of 1668 respondents showed that they call on specific skills/tasks more than others. It also shows that respondents call on quite a diverse skill/task set.

  2. Introduction

    We did this survey to better understand the skills that learning/ eLearning practitioners have and need today.

  3. Methods

    eLearning Industry solicited responses to eight questions. We received input from 1668 respondents from 105 countries.

  4. Survey Results

    Respondent said they need to learn or improve specific tools, technologies, media, design, assessment, and management skills.

  5. Insights

    Respondents have a wide scope of duties. In fact, numerous respondents said they could have selected all or almost all of the skills/tasks listed.

One of the responses to Question 8: "I feel I can't keep up with the technology! It all changes so quickly and so often. Developing new skills and improving existing skills is challenging in a financially constrained business."

Research shows that many jobs and job skills are in flux. This report shows that changeable job skills seems to be true for learning/eLearning jobs as well. It is no longer adequate to train people for static skills. Workplace learning/eLearning practitioners must help people prepare to update and change job skills as part of growing expertise and remaining employable.

Patti Shank, PhD photo

Patti Shank, PhD
Founder, Learning Peaks, LLC