eBook Release: A Comprehensive Guide To Digital Badges

Free eBook: A Comprehensive Guide To Digital Badges
Summary: If you are interested in digital badges but you’re not sure what they are, where they’re coming from and, most importantly, how to use them successfully, the eBook A Comprehensive Guide To Digital Badges is for you.

A Comprehensive Guide To Digital Badges eBook

What are digital badges and how are they used? In the eBook A Comprehensive Guide To Digital Badges you will go into detail on what digital badges are, how they fall into the greater category of digital credentials, and their history. Furthermore, you will find out how they are used and how they are aggregated, issued, and verified. Finally, you will be able to explore some common criticisms of digital badges and what the future holds for them!

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About The eBook

Here are the key chapters of the eBook A Comprehensive Guide To Digital Badges:

  1. An Introduction To Digital Badges And A Brief History.
    Simply put, a digital badge is an indicator of accomplishment or skill that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online. These badges can be earned in a wide variety of environments, an increasing number of which are online.
  2. The Anatomy Of Digital Badges.
    In addition to the image-based design we think of as a digital badge, badges have meta-data to communicate details of the badge to anyone wishing to verify it, or learn more about the context of the achievement it signifies.
  3. The Many Functions Of Digital Badges.
    Just like their real-world counterparts, digital badges serve a wide variety of purposes depending on the issuing body and the individual. For the most part, badges’ functions can be bucketed into one of five categories.
  4. How Badges Are Issued And Verified.
    Badges are issued by individual organizations who set criteria for what constitutes earning a badge. They’re most often issued through an online credential or badging platform.
  5. Criticism Of Digital Badges.
    There are various arguments to be made against the implementation of digital badges, including the common issuance of seemingly “meaningless” badges.
  6. The Future Of Digital Badges.
    With the rise of online education and the increasing availability of high-quality, massive, open online courses, there will be an increasing need for verifiable digital badges and digital credentials.

If you’re interested in digital badges and you don’t know where to start, download the eBook A Comprehensive Guide To Digital Badges and learn how to use them successfully.

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