Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Compliance Training: 5 Key Features Dokeos Gives Your LMS

5 Key LMS Features For Effective Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Compliance Training 

Healthcare and pharmaceutical compliance training has now become critical. Companies must ensure that their entire organization is compliant with ever-evolving governmental regulations and aligned with industry standards and overall best practices. That’s why it is critical to find a pharmaceutical and health care industry-compliant Leaning Management System with the right tools, detailed reporting, and easy-to-use management features. Here are 5 key things that you should look for when choosing a Learning Management System for effective healthcare and pharmaceutical compliance training:

1. The Learning Management System Platform Needs To Be Intuitive And Easy To Use

To make healthcare and pharmaceutical compliance training engaging and interactive, content creators need to use a mix of training tools such as documents, PowerPoint presentations, video, and more. But everything begins with your Leaning Management System platform. If the platform is not reliable or is difficult to use, it will be difficult to create quality content and make information retention problematic for learners. Leaning Management Systems need to have intuitive tools and resources that come together in an easy to use and easy to understand UI. Plus, if you can get a trial of the system in advance, you can get a true picture of how your training can be used and understand how your learners will actually use it.

2. Make Compliance Testing Easy To Take And Easy To Evaluate

Since learners learn in different ways, your Leaning Management System needs to be flexible. It should have an assortment of compliance testing and evaluation styles and techniques. Look for proven and effective test and quiz formats. You can use multiple choice and multiple answer, reasoning, fill in the blanks, open questions; even gamification. This flexibility lets you easily create a test modality and design that matches your training goals, your users’ skills, and your industry’s compliance standards. And, everything needs to be connected to your LMS reporting system for consistency, accuracy, and auditing.

3. Create Compliance Reporting That Makes Sense

Reporting is one key area where your Leaning Management System needs to work for you. But to get solid compliance reporting, your Leaning Management System must to go beyond telling you who took the test and what their score was. You need to easily identify and review outstanding risk assessments to know where to take the necessary action. Few Leaning Management Systems have reporting that goes beyond most Leaning Management Systems - especially to provide a clear audit trail to meet all FDA and HIPAA audit requirements. Creating reports should be simple but meaningful to reduce manual admin workloads and keep managers and HR staff informed and involved.

4. Allow Re-Enrollment For Ongoing Recertification Testing

Many industries and skills require that learners regularly retake compliance or certification testing. A quality Leaning Management System should allow you to re-enroll learners when their skill compliance requires them to retake recertification a year, two year, or longer after their first test. And content creators shouldn't have to recreate training or testing a second time. This not only saves everyone time, it ensures consistency and allows reporting that helps evaluate learner progress and professional growth.

5. Use Automated Notifications And Reminder Emails To Inform And Update

Because most Leaning Management System admins have other roles in the organization, it's a challenge to stay on top of learner enrollment, training progress, and evaluations – especially within a larger organization. Look for tools that allow you to create automated reminders that alert learners, help you ensure course completion, and report successful training outcomes to management and HR. This includes automatic enrollment of learners in key courses as well as tracking their progress.

There are more areas that your Leaning Management System can help you ensure and document successful healthcare and pharmaceutical compliance training. When used effectively, your Leaning Management System will become a key resource that goes beyond just a delivery platform. Dokeos LMS is fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR PART11, including electronic signature, versioning of reviews, full audit trail capability, robust data security protection and encryption in preparation of a security audit, and functionality geared specifically for the validation of SOPs. Dokeos was designed from the ground up to be the Leaning Management System of choice for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

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