How Has Globalization Led To Pharma eLearning?

How Has Globalization Led To Pharma eLearning?
Summary: eLearning has become unavoidable in the pharmaceutical industry due to globalization, making language and localization training necessary.

How Can Pharma eLearning Help Doctors?

The world around us has become easily dependent on the eLearning industry. Pharma eLearning is truly revolutionary in this industry because it can ensure that the employees become acquainted with the latest compliance rules. Employees also get frustrated with employers who are unwilling to update them about new rules. eLearning in the pharmaceutical industry has become a critical factor because it can determine whether medical devices are used correctly or not.

When the pharmaceutical companies provide training to their salespersons, they can ensure that sales happen. Quick sales are important for these companies because of the short shelf life of the product between its launch and its being copied by competitors. These are the reasons why pharma eLearning is indispensable to this industry now:

1. Higher Rate Of Hiring Freelancers

eLearning can be used to train freelance employees who are increasingly getting employment in this industry. The reason freelancers are getting such employment is that they can modify their working hours. In certain countries, rules about paying overtime to employees are very stringent and, as such, can prove to be costly for companies. Since freelancers can easily adapt their schedules according to the requirements of the companies without imposing any huge costs on them, they are preferable. When the company has just launched a new drug in the market and needs a worker to work overtime for making sales, freelancers are the better option. Sometimes, they are also a necessity in countries where the company might not find any regular labor.

Since so many companies are entering global markets these days, it might not be possible to find someone local at quick notice for sales. Hence, hiring a short-term employee might be a good solution for the company. Since pharma companies hire temporary workers on such a large scale, eLearning has become a prerequisite to train them.

2. Need For Localization Due To Globalization

Localization is also becoming a major requirement in the pharma industry. Since so many companies are selling their products internationally, they require someone to interact with the local employees. This is only possible when someone is aware of the native language of these countries. Pharma eLearning can impart the knowledge of such languages. It has been proved that Asian countries such as India, Russia, and China will be major buyers of international drugs, and here eLearning is necessary for imbibing their cultural and linguistic nuances and making sales.

In addition, there is an increased demand for imports of pharmaceuticals in developing countries and reduced domestic production, which can be attributed to a rise in income in these nations. Pharma companies have started understanding the importance of middle-income countries for their sales, and so a lot of research and development activities are now focused on them. Hence, there is an increased necessity for language training.

Apart from this, although local labor is hired in these countries for making sales, it’s important that they be adequately trained in order to be able to teach customers. Sales executives must be trained diligently about the consumption of a drug. Therefore, eLearning offers unavoidably the best possibilities for standardized training about drug consumption. Companies need to systematically train local sales executives because any translation error can cause losses if the consumer takes drugs in the wrong quantity.

3. Increasing Access To Local Customers

Pharmacists in every country have to be given eLearning so that they can deliver the best of explanations to patients and doctors. That’s why eLearning is the new paradigm for them given the globalization of pharmaceutical companies.

Such training has to include questions about dosage levels and the side effects caused due to wrong levels of consumption. Moreover, pharmacists and sales executives have to be precise and compassionate in dealing with patients who might not read the product instructions, such as telling them the right dosage levels to take when they are ill. Hence, pharma companies have to enhance pharmacists’ communication and technical skills to enable them to make sales and so become effective resources for the companies. Also, the sales executives have to be trained in how to use technology to reach out to customers trying to access the company via apps.

4. More R&D Is Happening In Developing Countries

Research and development (R&D) has also become an important need for these companies. This is because, without the right formulation, effective drugs can’t be produced. With so much competition, companies have to invest in research and development. But R&D being a costly initiative, the companies have to hire the most efficient workers. Companies have to hone their skills through eLearning so that departments can interact effectively. Language training is crucial so that the R&D employees in headquarters can understand a local marketing team and the concerns of patients. Language learning is also significant because pharma companies must serve people, and hence they must have knowledge about their requirements. In addition, this industry has to deal with functional pathways in every country, including with governments, so language training is crucial.

Is eLearning The Right Choice?

eLearning is a practical alternative for pharma companies because they can’t provide Instructor-Led Training in every country [1]. Apart from being too costly, this can also prove to be a location-centric problem. The learners might not be willing to travel. Hence, eLearning localization is a great resource to provide training in all languages, accessible on all devices.


[1] Why Is Technical Pharma eLearning So Important?

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