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Hot Off The Virtual Press: Employee Scheduling Software Complete Buyer's Guide

Hot Off The Virtual Press Employee Scheduling Software Complete Buyer's Guide
Summary: What is employee scheduling software, and how can it benefit your company? Read eLI's Employee Scheduling Software Buyer's Guide to find out.

How Do You Choose The Ideal Employee Scheduling Software For Your Business?

As businesses grow in numbers, keeping track of employees' schedules or availability is becoming increasingly challenging. And no one wants to be wasting time on a daily basis checking shifts, noting down absences, or tracking availability. If any of that sounds like a problem you have had to deal with in your company, it might be time to look into employee scheduling software. In fact, eLearning Industry has put together an ultimate guide that includes all the information you need to know if you're considering investing in such a solution. Read on to discover what you can expect to learn from this employee scheduling software complete buyer's guide.

6 Reasons To Read This Buyer's Guide

1. Explore The Features That Make The Best Employee Scheduling Solution

Even if you perform a small amount of research, you will quickly realize the variety of employee scheduling options available in the market. Many of them come with different features depending on the specific industry needs they aim to address. In this section of the buyer's guide, you will be able to explore numerous employee scheduling software features, from shift swapping to timesheet management, and decide which ones best fit your organization's needs.

2. Discover The Benefits Of Using Employee Scheduling Software

One may think that the main benefit of investing in an employee scheduling solution is shaving time off of administrative tasks. Although it might be the first effect you will notice, there are many more benefits to using these solutions, including enhanced communication and reduced labor costs. Read this section of the guide to discover how employee scheduling achieves that.

3. Compare Various Deployment Alternatives

There are many options when it comes to deploying the software you have purchased. In this buyer's guide, you will find information regarding five deployment options, i.e., desktop, mobile, self-hosted cloud-based, self-hosted system, and software as a service or cloud application. Explore each option to understand how it operates and whether it is the right choice for your company.

4. Learn Which Businesses Can Leverage It

Although it might not be immediately obvious, employee scheduling solutions can be utilized by a variety of industries, from academics to large corporations. Find out how different types of businesses can leverage employee scheduling to promote their goals and optimize efficiency.

5. Explore Pricing And Licensing Options

There are many alternatives when it comes to pricing and licensing as well. Companies that only need the basic features of an employee scheduling solution may find that free versions are the right choice. However, if you're looking for a more sophisticated solution, you can explore different levels of monthly or yearly payments. Fortunately, we explore the available options so that you can make the best investment.

6.  Find Out Some Factors That Guide The Selection Process

Delve into the benefits and specific features you should be looking for in employee scheduling software. However, there are more factors you need to take into consideration before you commit to a specific vendor. We cover additional elements, such as compliance management options and multilocation support, that might affect the outcome of your selection process.


Being aware of your workforce's availability, timetables, payroll, etc., is crucial for businesses that don't want to waste resources and hinder productivity. If you are interested in optimizing workforce scheduling, check out eLI's Employee Scheduling Software Complete Buyer's Guide to discover all the necessary information you need to make the right decision and boost efficiency levels in your organization.