House Of Smarts: 5 Ways To Get Teams Binge-Learning

How To Get Teams Binge-Learning 

Who among us has not lost a weekend to an entire season of Orange is the New Black or House of Cards? The prevalence of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu has awakened consumers’ appetite for binge-watching, and changed the way traditional entertainment networks are offering content. So how can the Learning and Development community tap into on-demand TV’s best practices and foster a culture of binge-learning? Through my firm’s work with entertainment giants like HBO, Time Warner, and others, we’ve identified 5 tactics designed to compel learning that’s addictive among employees.

  1. Queue up entertaining video content.
    It’s a YouTube world, and if your Learning and Development program still uses PowerPoints or yawn-inducing modules, employees won’t log a minute of learning beyond the minimum requirement. Like everyone’s favorite shows, the most addictive learning resources are quick, serial, compelling, and on-demand. Your content needs to tap into the powerful reward center of employees’ brains, where a surge of dopamine is released after a task is completed. This dopamine then motivates people to continue, creating a feedback loop that can last for hours. For examples of training resources that offer this level of engagement, check out this video series and this one.
  2. Make binge-learning easy.
    Accessing your learning portal or Intranet should be as simple as logging into Netflix. And once employees are in, how easy is it to navigate? Is there a post-play feature that pushes users to the next learning resource... or is it a five-click process? Can people save items to a queue or mark as favorites? Work with your IT division to shorten the steps toward learning and create an environment that’s intuitive and totally immersive.
  3. Make binge-learning appetizing.
    Why not shamelessly pair your learning program with the food most associated with binge-watching? Spread the word that the Learning and Development cupboard is stocked with complimentary gourmet popcorn for employees to pick up before binge-learning sessions. While the promise of basic microwave popcorn may inspire a few takers, we recommend springing for individually wrapped packs of this Bacon & Cheese Popcorn as well as this traditional Movie-Style.
  4. Share weekly previews of episodes.
    Take a tip from every network’s fall-programming playbook and show your audience a sneak peek of can’t-miss learning. Most video-training series will come with a trailer, but after you’ve shared it, you’ll need to push new previews to your audience. If your video-editing skills are as wanting as mine, take a screenshot of a scene in this week’s spotlight episode and use a free site like this one overlay a line of funny text with a call to action underneath.
  5. Publicly reward the Binge-Learner of the Month.
    Some employees will respond to a funny preview or the promise of free snacks, and others will be compelled only by the challenge of competition. Make the prize enviable: a front-row parking spot for 30 days; free lunch for a week; or an Apple TV console for more binging. Once you have buy-in on the reward, announce the challenge enterprise-wide. Share a photo of last month’s winner (perhaps with a silly quote or video from him or her) at the beginning of each month to maintain the competitive spirit around learning.

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