How To Build An Online Course That Sells Online

3 Things To Consider When Creating Online Courses
Summary: Everyone can create an online course, but not everyone creates a course that actually sells.

3 Things To Consider When Creating Online Courses

Selling online courses is the most attractive business model out there because you don’t have to have a huge amount of money to get started and the costs to maintain an online course business are also very low—not to mention, that it’s almost considered a “passive” income stream. And by passive income stream I mean, you create the product once and keep focusing on just selling and marketing it after. Everyone wants to get involved in creating online courses, yet not many people get started off on the right foot. Unfortunately, most course creators just blindly jump into creating their courses before they have even sold a single copy or spoken to anyone in their audience about if they would even be slightly interested in enrolling in a course like this.

To create courses that sell is simple, but it’s not easy.

Here are 3 things you need to consider if you want to build an online course that sells:

  • You must offer a clear transformation in a big market.
  • You must have a support system set up.
  • You must cover all learning types.

So, let’s dive a little deeper into each of those points.

1. Start With The Transformation In Mind

What kind of problem are you solving? And what is this problem worth to your customer?

The bigger the emotional pain which hides behind the "declared" problem people have, the higher your chance will be that people will commit to wanting to fix this issue. Think about the solution you are offering to this problem and work your way backward from there. Be really clear on the A-B journey and how you bring your customer to the final destination.

Now, look at it on a larger scale, how many people in your country or in the world have this problem? How big is the market? If you want to create an online course that sells on a large scale, you got to make sure there is a big market which you can tap into.

2. What Do Your Support Systems Look Like?

Do you have one built around your course which will bring people to the finish line?

You want to really focus on getting results. Getting into the online course space now means showing off with customers' results. And that is the ultimate goal you should have anyway. Not just because that brings you in more and also easier sales, but also because it fulfills the actual main purpose behind your course, which should be changing someone else’s life.

So, think about which kind of support materials you can provide to get results for your students. Can you add checklists after each module so they won’t move on too fast before having properly finished all tasks? Will you add some sort of live component to the course, such as group coaching or weekly 1:1 coaching?

Maybe you can save your students time and provide email templates, social media templates, or whatever templates they need in order to achieve the transformation faster. Only this way you will get people to start talking about you in a positive way. Great positive testimonials will increase your authority and credibility, which is vital for the overall success of creating an online course that sells.

3. Are You Catering To All The Different Learning Types? 

Yes, that’s right. Different people learn differently. Some people learn better through reading documents, while others learn better through watching videos or listening to audiotapes. The last thing you want is to have upset students because you didn’t provide the right learning material for them to study. I challenge you to totally forget about the traditional way of teaching and learning which you probably know of from your own experience of going to school or university.

You want to make sure that you cover all the different learning types with your materials so you can keep all your students happy. Some people even watch videos and read at the same time, as that’s just how they can take in information best. And the amazing thing with an online course is you will create the material once and your students will love you for this forever.