How Can Companies Train Employees On Cybersecurity Through An LMS?

Cybersecurity Training For Employees Using An LMS
Summary: Companies can train employees on cybersecurity through an LMS so that they know how to protect their home networks from getting hacked.

Why Is Cybersecurity Important For Home Employees?

In our age, implementing an LMS is an absolute necessity to deliver knowledge to employees. Employees indeed need to be trained consistently to ensure that an organization reaches its peak level of success. Cybersecurity is quite important for organizations to make sure that employees are safe in their workspace. This is crucial because employees are working from home and use company servers to access data. Although VPNs are being used to protect the company networks, they are still prone to attacks due to user errors. As per security reports, there has been a huge increase in mobile phishing attacks. There has been a huge rise in such attacks between October 2019–March 2020. This has happened due to user mistakes.

Training software is required to make sure that employees protect company systems while working from home. Since it’s so necessary, this kind of training can’t be for a short duration. In fact, an LMS needs to be updated with cybersecurity materials to ensure that employees look for warning signs to protect themselves from phishing.

When A Child Is Using Your System

Cyber-attacks have increased because employees also use social media. But with proper cybersecurity training, employees can inform their companies on time about any potential threats. Employees need to know that their home devices can also be hacked. This can happen when someone hacks their home Wi-Fi. For example, someone can introduce viruses into a home PC when it is used by a child to access a gaming site. This means compromising the system and giving access to VPN credentials. Even mobile phones used to access office emails can be hacked when a nefarious site is opened.

Through an LMS, employees can be taught about the rules of cybersecurity. An LMS can make sure that employees partake in games, where they are asked for their response to a phishing situation. Employees with the correct answer are rewarded with tokens. So, the employee with the maximum tokens can be given awards such as "the best employee of the year." This way, employees can be encouraged to receive training on the latest phishing trends.

Businesses need to understand the importance of cybersecurity because if an LMS does not contain information on it, the whole system can be compromised. Employees must comprehend how important it is for them to protect the data of a company.

What To Do When Hackers Have Accessed A Router

Hackers can get access to a router’s password. Once this password is compromised, they can attack all systems in your home. There are many signs of what happens after a router has been hacked:

  • Low bandwidth
    Hackers will take advantage of your bandwidth which clearly implies you won’t have much left to use. You will suffer from slow-loading sites which can affect your work.
  • Compromise of firewall
    Once hackers install some malware on your system, the firewall becomes disabled leading malicious websites to open up on the system. Viruses can be unleashed on your computer, stealing all critical data. They can also start operating the computer by themselves. They can also check all your internet activity to learn which sites are getting accessed.

The employees of a company can be sent videos through an LMS to detect if any hacker has been accessing their home systems.

Employees have to follow certain basic steps:

  • Log in to the computer
    They have to log in to the computer using their own username and password. Once they have logged in, they then have to type the router’s IP address in the browser’s URL bar.
  • Find the connected devices
    After that, they can check how many devices are logged in to their network. There is a list of attached devices they can check. They might know some devices, but some of them are recognizable through their IP addresses. If they don’t recognize the IP address of any device, this implies it is the device of a hacker. Once they discover such an IP address, the first thing they can do is to reboot the router. This reset button is located on the back of this device. It’s a hole with the word "reset" mentioned on top of it. They have to stick something pointed in this hole to press the button. They have to make sure that this button stays pressed for 30 seconds. After that, they release the button and the router is restarted. After that, they have to call the ISP person at home to configure the network and start the internet on their PC.

All these steps can be shown to employees in a Zoom call so that their home networks are safe.

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